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India became Israeli arms industry's prized market and they deputed "scores of agents" to persuade the Indian armed forces in to buying weapons resulting in large scale bribes among civil servants and politicians. The ideological bond between Zionism and Hindutva made India as the second largest trade partner for Israel in Asia, after China. This blog will expose the acts of world's weapon industry and their "SWADESHI" agents in India.

Saturday, September 01, 2001

White, Zionist and Hindu Racism; the Durban question

White supremacy, Zionism and Hindu racism are part of the same project to deny hundreds of millions of people the right to be free, and ought to be fought vigorously and defeated by their victims … Palestinians, Black Americans and India’s Dalits and oppressed masses have to see that their struggle is one struggle against the forces of global fascism, three of whose stellar representatives excel in the grotesque practice of human subjugation and racist tyranny. It is necessary to expose these three villains and build solidarity among the victims. Solidarity is not wishful thinking but a much need survival strategy, and the only road to defeating the oppressors of the global fascist axis.

Blacks Split on Zionism

The pro-Israeli lobby in the U.S. has been vociferous in its efforts to line up mainstream civil rights groups or their representatives to accept without criticism all Israeli policies concerning the Palestinians. And this has been successful, even when these policies constitute horrific acts of violence in defiance of UN resolutions condemning Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. It was shameful to see, for example, NAACP Board Member Julian Bond’s name on a full-page N.Y. Times ad condemning the Palestinian response last year to Ariel Sharon’s provocative visit to a Palestinian holy site, Temple Mount, and total silence on the slaughter of Palestinian men, women and children that has since ensued.

Remnants of Empire

Bad things should obviously not happen to white people. How else to explain the indignation? The knowledge of unspeakable horrors inflicted on black Africans is seldom allowed to interfere with our peace of mind, as if they were in the natural order of things. Over there it is hot, zebras live in the wild, and bad things happen to blacks. But when white families are dispossessed, it is another matter altogether.

Dennis Brutus: racism and gobalization are linked

And for [veteran South African activist and poet Dennis Brutus], the issue of linking poverty to racism is what is centrally lacking at the racism conference. “The central point is being missed at the conference and that is the link with privatisation and joblessness, homelessness, lack of social services, poor medical services and poor education. All this also stems from the broad policy flow from the decision to spend money on arms - which are unnecessary - rather than on social services.”

Is Zimbabwe’s present the future of South Africa?

Although official apartheid is gone, its legacy has been privatized. Blacks occupy the high political offices, but whites dominate industry, the professions, the bureaucracy, the best educational institutions, and the judiciary. Most significant, whites own most of the land - including virtually all arable land - in South Africa.

Linking Racism to Power and Self-Interest

A new approach is needed: one that locates racism within the broader context of social and economic exploitation. This approach links racism with power and the politics of self-interest. It explores the connection between white privilege and black oppression by arguing that oppression is necessary to sustain privilege.

This interdependence - the privilege of whiteness with the oppression of racism - provides a lens through which we can understand the persistence of racism in society. A different lens can make the same point: conditions of male privilege are dependent on the oppression of women. Both concede the existence of unearned privilege.


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