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India became Israeli arms industry's prized market and they deputed "scores of agents" to persuade the Indian armed forces in to buying weapons resulting in large scale bribes among civil servants and politicians. The ideological bond between Zionism and Hindutva made India as the second largest trade partner for Israel in Asia, after China. This blog will expose the acts of world's weapon industry and their "SWADESHI" agents in India.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Brahminism & Zionism

Dr. R.P. Harsh, Harsh Clinic, Barnala Road, Sirsa - 125 055

December 1st - 15th 2004

"Cultural nationalism" is a zionist concept. What relationship the Brahmins have with "cultural nationalism?" The motive is clear. DNA report has confirmed that the Vaidik Brahmins are also Jews. They are the children of Israel. Brahminism and zionism are the two faces of the same coin. At the World Conference Against Racism at Durban (South Africa) both Brahmins and Jews had joined hands when the matter to equate Brahminism (casteism) and zionism with racism came up (DV Sept.16, 2002 p.17: "Dalits defeat Hindu rulers: UN equates casteism with racism").

Race hatred: In the book, The Hindu Nationalist Movement & Indian Politics, Christophe Jaffrelot, (Penguin), the distinguished French scholar, profusely quotes from Hindu nazi philosopher Golwalkar who was the author of the "cultural nationalism", the essential criterion of which is race, which gets the pride of place. In other words, anybody opposed to "cultural nationalism" must be physically annihilated. "Cultural nationalism" means upper caste racism. Muslims and Christians have to pledge they will remain subservient to the Brahmin and Brahminism.

Israeli connection: The Hindu nazi RSS is the mother organisation of Vaidiks. It was founded by Chitpavan Brahmins. Tilak, Golwalkar, Deoras and Godse were all Chitpavans. The DNA report has finally settled the issue that Chitpavan Brahmins are the Jews. RSS is fully guided by the Jews of India. Viswa Hindu Parishad is nothing but an extension of the world zionist organisation. They call Rama as Ram Lala. Ramallah of Palestine is a distorted version of Ram Lala.

Anti-Muslim conspiracy: The incident of 1857 was not a "freedom movement". It was a Brahminical conspiracy to overthrow the Muslim and British rule and to replace it with their Brahminical imperialism. The conspiracy of 1857 was hatched by the Vaidiks at Poona. Nana Sahib, the adopted son of Peshwa Baji Rao-II, had fixed May 31, 1857 as the date of this plot. Because of unavoidable reasons it was executed earlier on May 10, 1857 by instigating the religious protests in the name of cow and pork fat-made cartridges. Nanasaheb later fled to Nepal. What happened later is history. The poor Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zaffar, became the victim of a Brahminical conspiracy. He was arrested and put into the prison where he died as an ordinary criminal.

The final onslaught of this zionist conspiracy came in 1905 when Brahminical-zionist forces launched their political revolution in the name of "cultural nationalism". Tilak took the lead in India, Lenin in Russia and David Ben Gurion in Palestine.

Shahu Maharaj of Kolhapur dubbed the "cultural nationalism" of Tilak as Brahminical terrorism.
"Chosen people": Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) is part of international zionism. DNA report has finally confirmed that the Chitpavans are the Jews. Brahmins believe that they are super humans and they are gods on earth. Jews also think, they are superhuman — chosen people on earth.

Hinduism" is the mask to hide their Brahminism. They dub all those who opposes Brahmins as anti-national/terrorists. The zionists dub every critic of Israel as anti-Semetic. Genocide of Budhists, Christians, Sikh, Muslims and Dalits is a common feature of Brahminical forces. They do not recognise the identities of any other nation. To deceive the non-Brahmins in the name of "cultural nationalism" they use the term of Hindu nationalism. They are also the fathers of racism.

Both Brahminism and zionism are two sides of the same coin. VHP is getting huge funds from their international gang for their subversive activities in the name of Ram Temple, Hindu, Hindutva and cultural nationalism. Genocide of Muslims in Gujarat is the continuity of Brahminical terrorism which was started in 185 BC when Budhist emperor Brahadrath was killed by Brahmin commander Pushyamitra Sung. In every respect Brahminism and zionists are the same.

For details read Editor V.T. Rajshekar's book, Brahminism (DSA-2003), particularly its Chapter-4, "Jews & the Jews of India" and the annexure: "Brahminical origin of zionist thoughts" (p.139).


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